Manual and Manipulative Therapy

Manual/Manipulative therapy focuses on hands on technique, which helps to relieve pain from issues related to the Myofascial system and nearby muscles, joints, and ligaments. When we work with a patient, we initially perform a detailed assessment of the musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction. Through education, goal setting, manual therapy, and exercise-based programming, we’ll do our best to help you succeed through a pain-free life.
A treatment approach is proven to be effective in the early management of joint, muscle and nerve injuries. It involves a thorough assessment and safe hands-on treatment.
Team of Surgeons Operating in the Hospital.
All physiotherapists at THE CSPR Clinic have undergone specialised training to effectively provide hands-on treatment. Some of our physiotherapists have Master’s Qualifications in order to provide more specialised Manipulative Physiotherapy treatment. Our philosophy is an evidence-based approach whilst discussing treatment options together with you in order to achieve the best outcome.